Overlay image (Elementor)

You can do lots of things with the Elementor plugin – this example focuses on adding text overlay on an image.

Elementor is an editing plugin that can help you set up templates/ edit your pages/pictures on your website. You will be able to do things like give a picture an overlaying text or change how you want a layout of a page. But I’m going to tell you how to overlay an image with text. To do this you must have administrative permissions to the website, to be able to download and enable the plug-in.

Step by Step

Step 1:  Go to plugins/ add plugins, add Elementor, and enable it

Step 2: In elementor click add new template, and click page

Step 3: Add a new section and pick the structure. For this example i will pick the single box

Step 4: Then you click on edit then click background type classic and select your picture

Step 5: Then you can drag a text box into the same box, then the picture will show up unproportional.

Step 6: Now you can change where you want the picture and if you want it to move with scrolling and change the size to cover

Step 7: Mess with the margin/ padding to make it the size you want.

Step 8: Add template to the page you want on your site

And that’s it!